Samuel Thomas

Sam has had a diverse career spanning different art, design and communication disciplines, both hands on and through technology. This was preceded by an equally diverse education starting in graphic design, passing through illustration into public art.  With a life-long interest in all arts and crafts when he discovers a new creative interest he just has to have a go.

 “I love that moment of complete captivation that art and design offer; during inspiration, realisation or when observing a finished work”

 Through his childhood years Sam grew up in rural Sussex and Devon, always close to his favourite environment, woodlands. In early adulthood, the wish to study culture and work in the creative industries in adulthood took him into large towns and cities in the U.K. and abroad. 

 An enthusiasm for diversity in people and environment weaves through his work. Storytelling, while not always literally, is a key element in that which grabs his interest. Sam sees an everyday object or material and can see what it can be next, creating something out of nothing.