The OakOwlFox shop curated range includes a few featured hand crafted products by experienced designer/makers. 

Beverley Somerville

As an interior designer Beverley has spent many years travelling to various countries, this has embedded ideas of transience, to be 'nomadic' allowing the discovery of 'Place' in different cultures,

In her ceramic practice she engages the ideas of material, place and nomad to reflect on these nomadic journeys. She 'gathers' physical material (as well as culture, philosophies and experience) are integrated into her clay developing unique material, textures, colours and forms.

Made on the move and in her Cheshire workshop her work for part of a larger body of compositional works entitled 'Material Nomad - Nomadic Landscapes' 

Angela Sidwell

Close to nature, Angela uses stoneware or porcelain paper-clay to create sculptures inspired by birds and animals. Be it by long-lasting friendships, brief encounters or whose presence she feels through their tracks and traces in the landscape surrounding her cheshire home. 

The torn edges, rough surface texture and volcanic glazes used to execute the sculpture carry impressions of each animals deep and intimate relationship with the land.