What have we done?

I have been waiting for that question to hit,
but fortunately it has not so far.

On Friday June 15th 2018, Kirsten and I took an exciting and scary step toward living our dream. Aquiring Crown Buildings, Llanrwst in the beautiful Conwy valley, North Wales. A fabulous home for our studio/shop business and room for our home above. 


Gwydir Castle GateIn August 2011 on our first summer holiday together we stumbled across Gwydir Castle. Typically, at the end of the day with not much time left to look around. From first stepping through those gates we fell for the amazing peace and stillness the place has, a fabulous antidote to fast modern life. We loved it so much that the following August when we married we had decided to head back there and give the B&B rooms a go, we were not disappointed.





During the honeymoon, we already went to see an old farmhouse for sale on the hill just for fun. It was beautiful and only spurned us on, hatching plans as to how we could live and work here. Over the following six years our visits became increasingly regular and more focused, learning more each time about this exceptional area, community and history. We started to lean towards exploring the idea of a shop. Its nature took a few turns but just developed into selling functional and decorational design products, curated or developed or created by us.

As such we are building towards opening OakOwl Fox Ltd. A studio/shop, webshop, offering workshops and services. All inspired by the spirit, history and character of Nant Conwy.

A lot remains to be done to get the doors open some larger hurdles and many smaller actions but we are delighted to have taken this major step forward. The Crown Buildings is a uniquiue property busting with character calling to be let out. It will be a fun journey.



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